Boxes and Walls

On October 26th Res Life held the Boxes and Walls event. CWO got pictures of several students on campus and had them tell us something negative that someone has said about their identity, sexuality, gender, etc. We wrote these horrible things on their faces so show that what people say hurts. Words have an impact in everyone’s lives and we should all be aware of what we are saying and how it may affect other people. In the center of the event we had a mirror where people could look at themselves and write something positive they saw.

Take Back The Night

On October 18th CWO had our biggest protest of the semester. Take Back the Night, we marched through South Oakland chanting and demanding safer streets. The goal of this event is to protest that fact that women feel scared walking home alone at night. This event is to also raise awareness of the struggles of walking home alone. Why do you take back the night?takebackthenight-wenhaowu-web-749x500img_2670

I Heart the Female O

On September 2oth CWO had the “I Heart The Female Orgasm” come to Pitt! We had standing room only!!! Half way through the event the groups were split between people that identify as female, male, and those that don’t identify as either. They all then discussed how they had learned about orgasms, masturbation, and the social stigmas that come with them. Overall an informative event that we hope to see again in the coming years. img_2533


Andy Warhol Field Trip

Hello hello hello! On our last meeting of the week, this Friday we took many young freshman and some sophomore and juniors to the Andy Warhol Museum.

It was a great adventure where we talked about the city, port authority, and what our organization is about! Keep checking in to see what cool things we do next.

(P.S. The Andy Warhol Museum is a Pokemon Go Gym)IMG_2409.jpgIMG_2411.jpgIMG_2408.jpg

First CWO meeting of the Semester!

Hey ya’ll! This year we kicked off syllabus week with cupcakes for our first meeting back! First, before we got to the sweets Chloe and Cindy started the meeting off by having ice breaker activities. People were asked how far from pitt they lived, if they identified as a feminist or not, and why they decided to check out CWO!  After the ice breakers were over and everyone had a chance to introduce themselves to each other we ended the night by eating vegan cupcakes. There were a lot of people despite how hot the room was and we thank each and every one of you for coming out to see us! CWO is  looking forward to seeing these awesome people come back to other CWO meetings and events this fall!

IMG_2350 IMG_2360 IMG_2354

New Board!

As of March 29th:

A very warm congratulations to the new (and returning) members of the CWO e-board for 2016-17!

President: Abby Meinen
VP: Sarah Loser
Business Manager: Ashley Yeboah-Afihene
Office Administrator: Megan Heintz
Community Outreach: Chloe Kaunitz & Cindy Jiao
Political Action: Maddie Barber & Kate Eldridge
Public Relations: Lauren Fabrizio & Alexa Connors


You’re going to do great things, kids.

-Pitt CWO ’15/’16

Know Your IX

From Tuesday, March 22.

Whaddya Know?

  1. Name five situations or actions that would be considered violations under Title IX.
  2. What is the name of the co-ordinator of the Title IX Office at Pitt?
  3. How many days does a university have to investigate a Title IX allegation/complaint?
  4. What’s a mandated reporter?
  5. True or False: If you report a sexual assault to the Title IX Office at Pitt, you will have to be questioned about the event by the city police.
  6. Fill-It-In: While investigating a Title IX allegation, your university is obligated under Title IX to provide the victim/survivor with _______.

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The Red Elephant in the Room

From Tuesday, March 15.

Because it only felt befitting to kick off the first days of the month with cycle talk.

Menstrual Myths

  • You cannot have sex during your period
    • False!
    • Sex can even help menstrual cramps!
  • You cannot get pregnant if you have sex during your period
    • FALSE!
    • Sperm can live inside of the body for up to five days. Ovulation can occur during or right after the bleeding phase, meaning the sperm and egg can meet up!
  • You should not exercise or swim when you are on your period.
    • False!
    • You should do whatever makes you happy and your body feel good. Exercising can help you with menstrual cramps and keeps you healthy!
  • Since you are more prone to mood swings when you are on your period, you should not be allowed to make important decisions…

trump.png-Nothing has ever been false-r in the history of all things false…ever.

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