Upcoming Elections

Elections are around the corner, folks, and we’re calling on you to get more involved in the Campus Women’s Organization! We’re sending out applications and office descriptions in the weekly email so make sure you’re on our list. Being a part of the CWO board enables you to be a bigger part of decisions and to have a say in what we do as an organization. In board meetings, we discuss upcoming events and how they’re being handled, possible collaborations, assign responsibilities to board members, and bounce ideas off of each other for potential events. Being on the board is a great opportunity to learn how to be a leader in a campus organization. It’s also a chance to meet and work with the university’s administrators and to enact real change on our campus. Send us your completed application via email at pittcampuswomen@gmail.com or submit a hard copy to the box on our office door, WPU 635.


Listed below are descriptions of the officer roles:

President: The President of CWO serves as the figurehead for the organization. They organize and chair Steering Committee meetings and facilitate general body meetings while at all times considering the vision and mission of the organization. The President fills the roles of vacant officers until new ones are appointed and upholds, supports, and implements all decisions made by the Steering Committee. In addition, the President signs all official forms, delegates duties to other officers and assists with event coordinators and officers as needed. The President also oversees the Office Administrator, Vice President, and Business Manager as well as weekly meetings with the Advisor.

Vice President: The Vice President of CWO assumes the role of President if the President is unable to attend meetings. The Vice President mediates issues between Outreach, Public Relations and Political Action chairs and their vice chairs. In addition, the Vice President maintains a working relationship with the President through bi-weekly meetings.

Business Manager: The Business Manager of CWO maintains the financial reports and submits budgets requests in October and March. Additionally, the Business Manager prepares and submits all supplemental requests and budget modification requests.

Office Administrator: The Office Administrator of CWO records minutes of all Steering Committee meetings and emails the minutes to other Board members within 48 hours of the Steering Committee meeting. In addition, the Office Administrator is in charge of all room reservation requests, as well as tech set up and food donations. The Office Administrator is in charge of sending out weekly emails to CWO members with information about upcoming events and community activities.

Public Relations Co-Chairs: The Public Relations Co-Chairs of CWO promote and produce flyers and advertisements for CWO events. The Public Relations Co-Chairs are also in charge of distributing these flyers and maintaining the Facebook page and group. They look for new and innovative ways to promote CWO events.

Community Outreach Co-Chairs: The Community Outreach Co-Chairs of CWO are ambassadors for the organization and set up co-sponsorships and collaborations with other organizations. Additionally, the Community Outreach Co-Chairs are responsible for being informed about university and community events and informing the members of CWO. They work to recruit new members and stay in contact with organizations throughout Pittsburgh, such as Pittsburgh Action Against Rape and Planned Parenthood.

Political Action Co-Chairs: The Political Action Co-Chairs of CWO create and execute political campaigns unique to CWO’s mission statement with the help of national coalition partners (such as Choice USA, Feminist Majority Foundation). In addition, the Political Action Co-Chairs of CWO are responsible for staying informed of federal and state legislation and reporting this information back to board members.


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