Planned Parenthood: hours, services, and contact info

933 Liberty Ave (downtown)Pittsburgh, PA, 15222412-434-8957 [Family Planning]412-562-1900 [Abortion Services]Their websiteSTD testing & treatment for men and womenBirth control servicesEmergency contraceptionPregnancy testingOptions counselingGeneral health careCounselingHIV testingHPV & Hepatitis vaccinesLGBT servicesAbortion servicesFREE condoms and infoMondays           closedTuesdays          10am - 4pmWednesdays     8am - 4pmThursdays         … Continue reading Planned Parenthood: hours, services, and contact info


Got Consent? Just ASK!

REMEMBER:Get consent; don't assume.Create open and honest conversations.Be responsible for your actions.Ask before engaging in sexual activity.Date with respect.If you aren't sure... ASK!If you can't talk about something because you are too embarrassed... you aren't ready to do it!Consent is...Based on choiceActively givenPossible only when there is equal powerAsked forGiven when both people are soberTwo people … Continue reading Got Consent? Just ASK!

Is Sexual Violence Just a Women’s Issue?

Sexual violence is unwanted sexual intercourse, fondling, kissing, hugging, or any sexual contact you're not comfortable with. It can be a stranger or someone you know. If it is against your will, it is against the law: it's a crime. Date/Acquaintance rape usually involves physical force, emotional bargaining, blackmail, or mind games to force sexual intercourse. … Continue reading Is Sexual Violence Just a Women’s Issue?