Events Calendar, Spring 2015

We’ve got a lot going on this semester. Here’s the current schedule! It’ll be updated as more events are added and modified.


Eco-Feminism January 13 540 WPU, 9:00 pm Discussion about how women and other marginalized communities are related to eco-feminism; how the environment is relevant to social justice and gender equity.
Women Behind Bars January 20 540 WPU, 9:00 pm Screening of Women Behind Bars; discussion of the unique struggles faced by incarcerated women.
Brave Miss World January 27 WPU Ballroom, 7:00 – 9:00 pm Screening of Brave Miss World, a film about Linor Abigail (crowned Miss Israel), a survivor of sexual violence who fights to end the silence surrounding the issue.
Vagina Monologues Spotlight—PAAR February 3 216 CL , 9:00 pm Presentation on Pittsburgh Action Against Rape (PAAR); that’s where our funds from the Vagina Monologues are going!
NO EVENT Gearing up for the Vagina Monologues! (week of February 10)
Vagina Monologues February 12 February 13 WPU Assembly Room, 7:00 pm A fun, emotional, raunchy performance focusing on women’s struggles, their bodies, their sexualities, and their stories. Proceeds will go to PAAR. Featuring a group of awesome CWO members!
Sex Toys Talk February 17 540 WPU, 9:00 pm This’ll be a fun, social event where we hang out and talk about sex toys! We’ll have a presenter from a local vendor.
Volunteer Day with Planned Parenthood February 22 Planned Parenthood center downtown, 1:00 – 3:00 pm Sometimes, we like to volunteer as a group with important local organizations! On Sunday, February 22nd, we’ll be phonebanking at Planned Parenthood for the PA Agenda for Women’s Health. We’ll also have pizza and snacks!
Different Feminisms panel March 3 540 WPU, 9:00 pm Panel discussion on how different people view and act on their feminism, taking a multicultural perspective.
NO EVENT Spring Break! (week of March 10)
Women in Business Collaboration—Lani Lazzari March 17 540 WPU, 9:00 pm Lani Lazzari is a local young woman who started her own successful business (now with products in 700 stores nationwide). How did she do it? We’ll hang out with her and talk about women in business.
Women’s Rights in Workforce March 24 540 WPU, 9:00 pm Discussion of women’s rights in the workforce; what are they, and where do we still need growth?
Reproductive Justice 101 March 31 540 WPU, 9:00 pm Discussion on an intersectional approach to reproductive justice—how is it more than abortion? Why is abortion so important? How can we extend this conversation?
Sex Ed. With PantherWell; Planned Parenthood Generation Action April 7 540 WPU, 9:00 pm Mili, one of your friendly &familiar CWO board members, will present a PantherWell sex ed training in collaboration with Pitt’s Planned Parenthood Generation Action organization.
Elections April 14 540 WPU 9pm Elect the CWO board of 2015-2016!
Sex Workers/Strip Aerobics April 21 540 WPU 9pm Discussion about the unique needs of sex workers. We’ll also de-stress during finals with some exercise: strip aerobics!

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