Climate Change and Women

A collaborative event between CWO and Free the Planet from Tuesday, February 16th. What is Climate Change? Greenhouse Gas Effect Greenhouse gas emissions increase due to burning fossil fuels CO2, Methane, CFCs (H2O even!) Atmospheric CO2 Spike Flux of concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere over natural cycles Humans are creating CO2 at higher rate … Continue reading Climate Change and Women


Virtual [In]Equality: Women in the World of Video Games

From Tuesday, January 12th During this meeting, we touched upon quite a few different topics, ranging from the way women are characterized in games, how women are representing in gaming as a whole, all the way to #Gamergate. Below are a few of the resources from the presentation: Gamer Community Composition: "Video Games and Gender"by Michele … Continue reading Virtual [In]Equality: Women in the World of Video Games