CWO Elections!!!

We interrupt your normally scheduled procession of GBM content posts to give you the good news: CWO BOARD ELECTIONS ARE UPON US! We’re sending out applications and office descriptions in the weekly email so make sure you’re on our list. Being a part of the CWO board enables you to be a bigger part of decisions … Continue reading CWO Elections!!!


Critical History of Feminism

From Tuesday, March 1. The Waves The “Wave Model” was first established by Martha Lear of NYT, 1968 First Wave (19th-early 20th cty) Focus on women’s suffrage Prohibition was a feminist concern Second Wave (1950s-1980s) Reproductive rights & wage/job equality Can women “HAVE IT ALL?” Problems with the Waves Overwhelmingly catered to white women Assumed … Continue reading Critical History of Feminism