New Board!

As of March 29th: A very warm congratulations to the new (and returning) members of the CWO e-board for 2016-17! President: Abby Meinen VP: Sarah Loser Business Manager: Ashley Yeboah-Afihene Office Administrator: Megan Heintz Community Outreach: Chloe Kaunitz & Cindy Jiao Political Action: Maddie Barber & Kate Eldridge Public Relations: Lauren Fabrizio & Alexa Connors … Continue reading New Board!


Know Your IX

From Tuesday, March 22. Whaddya Know? Name five situations or actions that would be considered violations under Title IX. What is the name of the co-ordinator of the Title IX Office at Pitt? How many days does a university have to investigate a Title IX allegation/complaint? What’s a mandated reporter? True or False: If you report … Continue reading Know Your IX