Boxes and Walls

On October 26th Res Life held the Boxes and Walls event. CWO got pictures of several students on campus and had them tell us something negative that someone has said about their identity, sexuality, gender, etc. We wrote these horrible things on their faces so show that what people say hurts. Words have an impact in everyone’s lives and we should all be aware of what we are saying and how it may affect other people. In the center of the event we had a mirror where people could look at themselves and write something positive they saw.

Take Back The Night

On October 18th CWO had our biggest protest of the semester. Take Back the Night, we marched through South Oakland chanting and demanding safer streets. The goal of this event is to protest that fact that women feel scared walking home alone at night. This event is to also raise awareness of the struggles of walking home alone. Why do you take back the night?takebackthenight-wenhaowu-web-749x500img_2670

I Heart the Female O

On September 2oth CWO had the “I Heart The Female Orgasm” come to Pitt! We had standing room only!!! Half way through the event the groups were split between people that identify as female, male, and those that don’t identify as either. They all then discussed how they had learned about orgasms, masturbation, and the social stigmas that come with them. Overall an informative event that we hope to see again in the coming years. img_2533