Keep up with CWO This Semester!

Spring 2017

(Date, event, location, time)


Tuesday, the 10th – “Get Heated: Sexual Health Competition”  WPU 527, @9PM

Tuesday, the 17th – “Condom Casino” WPU Ballroom from 7-9 PM

Tuesday, the 24th- “Hair” WPU 527, @9PM

Tuesday, the 31st- “Letter Writing” WPU 527, @9PM


Tuesday, the 7th – “Vagina Monologues Spotlight” WPU 527 @9PM

Tuesday, the 11th – “Women in Refugee and Migrant Communities: Collab with FORGE” WPU 527 from 9-10PM

Thursday-Saturday, 9th-11th, Vagina Monologues!

Tuesday, the 14th- “Galentines DAy” WPU 527 @9PM

Tuesday, the 21st – “Women and Religion” WPU 527 @9 PM


Tuesday, the 14st – “Eating Disorders” WPU 527 @9PM

Monday- Friday the 20th-24th – “Women’s Empowerment Week” WPU 527 @9 PM

Tuesday, the 28th – “Elections” WPU 527 @9pM


Tuesday, the 4th – “Open Mic Night” WPU 527@9PM

Tuesday, the 11th- “Feminism and CWO” WPU 527 @9PM

**This post is subject to updates.

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