Office Hours

Stop by our office hours in the William Pitt Union, room 635! CWO board members are around to hang out, do homework, listen to music, talk about anything you need to talk about, and connect you to any resources you might need. This is a safe space for women on campus, it’s got a window with a nice view of Forbes and Schenley Park, and there are tons of books you can check out.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:30 AM  Megan+ Cindy Cindy  Cindy
9:00 AM  Megan+ Cindy Cindy  Cindy
9:30 AM Megan
10:00 AM Megan
10:30 AM Megan
11:00 AM  Chloe Madeline
11:30 PM  Chloe Madeline
12:00 PM  Chloe+ Sarah Madeline+ Lauren Lauren Alexa
12:30 PM Chloe+ Sarah Madeline+ Lauren Lauren  Alexa
1:00 PM Sarah Madeline+ Kate Madeline+ Sarah Alexa+ Ashley
1:30 PM  Sarah  Madeline+  Kate  Madeline+ Sarah  Alexa+ Ashley
2:00 PM Madeline+ Kate  Madeline  Alexa+ Ashley
2:30 PM Kate  Madeline  Alexa+ Ashley
3:00 PM  Lauren  Ashley
3:30 PM  Ashley
4:00 PM  Chloe+ Kate
4:30 PM  Chloe+ Kate
5:00 PM  Megan
5:30 PM  Megan
6:00 PM
6:30 PM